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Sexy Vibes 69

Fast Breast Enlargement

Fast Breast Enlargement

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Brand Name: YRFKT

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: WT

Certificate Number: 20220702

Ingredient: Ginger Mint

Item Type: Essential Oil

introduction: Make your body sexy

introduction2: Hips become round and big

introduction3: Breast augmentation

Model Number: Make Body Sexier Oil

Shelf life: 2 year

feature1: Break Down Fat

feature2: Chinese medicine

feature3: Body Massage

effect: Body Relaxation

Product Functions:
Make Your Body Sexy
Breast augmentation
firm buttock
Break Down Fat
Thin Leg Waist Fat Burner

Every night after cleansing skin using step press, about 6 bottles for a course of treatment
Step one: to transfer a good massage oil 10-15 drops in the palm of your hand, apply to body fat.
Step two: use the finger pulp from the upward, and from the outside to the inside, in order to draw helical manner and massage until absorbed, when necessary, be forced with the palm of the hand position to pressure and push the excess fat.
hips, rhythmically up mobile massage, direct to the waist position
Step three: after absorption with cling wrap film for 20 minutes, do housework during, or exercise (the latter is better), feeling skin heating / sweating after removing the fresh-keeping film, wipe it

Notice :
1. Pregnant women with caution
2. Please placed on the children don't take place
3. Please do allergy test before use

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